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· NEW groups for BEGINNERS start up every September and January offering you 2 weeks of Free Classes!
Payment of the registration fee is required in order to become an NDC member and be able to attend any class you wish. Registration is done only once and is valid for as long as you keep taking classes at NDC. 

· If you are an experienced dance student call us to provide you the timetable details about the class you wish to join. 

· At NDC we offer dance classes for all ages. Check out the 
dance styles in order to choose what suits you best. If you are interested in any dance style that is not yet on the Beginners' timetable please contact us, since new groups may be added.

· If you wish to join any of NDC's groups you need to contact us to book your place and confirm your participation in advance!

NEW Beginners' Groups
Starting on the 18th of JANUARY 2018 

>> FOR KIDS - beginners

Creative Dance class for kids of 4-6 years old
Tuesday          15:30-16:15     at NDC Agios Antonios

Ballet class for kids of 4-6 years old

Friday              16:15-17:00     at NDC Agios Antonios

General Dance Education classes for kids over 6 years old
Friday             16:30-18:30      at NDC Acropolis

>> FOR ADULTS - beginners

Greek Dances
Monday          19:45-21:15     at NDC Agios Antonios

Belly Dance
Tuesday         19:30-20:30     at NDC Agios Antonios

Latin Dances
Wednesday    19:00-20:30     at NDC Agios Antonios

Zumba classes
Monday           19:00-20:00     at NDC Acropolis
Tuesday     20:30-21:30 at NDC Agios Antonios
Wednesday     19:00-20:00 at NDC Acropolis
Thursday 19:00-20:00 at NDC Agios Antonios
Friday              18:30-19:30     at NDC Acropolis

Flexibility class
Thursday 20:00-20:30 at NDC Agios Antonios

More classes can be arranged upon request!