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Belly Dance is one of the oldest art forms. It originated in the Middle East, Ancient Greece, India and Africa and evolved from rituals of birth and fertility. It is an excellent form of exercise, able to work 600 muscles of the body. It is also a vehicle through which many women seek and feel a great sense of personal empowerment. Belly Dance exudes the femininity in a woman opening up like a lotus flower, bringing out the Goddess that is within all women. Belly Dance not only provides personal pleasure but also raises self-respect and builds confidence, building new levels of enthusiasm for life. The greatest aspect of Belly Dance is the absence of barriers to age, body built or nationality thus resulting in love and acceptance of one’s self.

In our classes you can find out about belly dance history and origin, achieve perfect body control, dance through a variety of oriental rhythms, interpret the mood of the music and express your unique self.

Belly dance classes for little ladies are carefully designed to give the right sense of origin and philosophy, isolate and exercise various body muscles, improve physical abilities and learn how to listen to rhythms and properly dance to them.

If a belly dancer has expressed herself well, she leaves her audience impressed of her ability to control her body, and intrigued by her mystery.