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Street dance is an umbrella term used to cover the various energetic styles of dance that originated from the streets. There are many different street dance styles as are Old Skool Hip Hop, New Skool Hip Hop (RnB), Street Jazz, Funky Jazz, Stomping, Break Dance, Krumping (clowning), Dance Hall, House, Voguing, Tatting and more.

Starting in New York City in the 1970s, street dance became a non-violent answer to the real fighting battles between young people whilst trying to establish their community identities. Thus, they were able to express themselves creating original dance moves with a sense of competition and a feeling of fight. Street dance gained inspiration also from old Harlem authentic Jazz dance mixed with influences arising from other imported cultures to America, including Jamaican, African, Russian and Afro-Brazilian. Through the years, street dance managed to enter the dance studios and is continuously developing with the input of more current dance styles, although it does not always reflect the original culture. It is important to remember that Hip Hop dancers should always aim to create their own unique style as they express themselves freely to the music.

In NDC you are able to get in touch with both the Old and New Skool techniques all adjusted in every different style, and experience the hip hop development and creativity through most current approach. Christiana studied Hip Hop at Broadway Dance Center in NYC for two years and get a Certificate of Excelence in ISVP program. Naso also attented street dance classes in Broadway Dance Center in  NYC, and moreover, she succesfully passed the professional IDTA Street Dance Teaching Diploma examinations. Our teachers are now adequately geared to teach this popular dance style of nowadays.

NDC administration often organise seminars with well known choreographers and teachers of Street Dance from all over the world, to offer to the NDC students the opportunity to get trained better and taste the real thing!

Every student will be in a position to take the IDTA exams in Street Dance, taking place every year in our dance center. The examination is optional.

                      …the new style of hip hop dance makes the music visible…