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 Check out the photo gallery for NEW PHOTOS of the past events.
NDC’s Christmas Party

Santa Claus is coming to town…  NDC is partying in town!! NDC’s Christmas Party on Tuesday the 28th of December. Dj Salsero will be back on the desks! Another promising night with great atmosphere and lots of dancing moments to share, is coming up! Let’s end this year in the best possible way all together on the dance floor! Stoa BackRoom, doors open at 22:00, 10 euro with a drink.

Black-White and Red Party
Next NDC’s party is coming up with an interesting theme! Everybody will be dressed in black, white and red! Shows and dance presentations will fire the floor up! An event not to be missed! Saturday 4th of December at 22:30, at Stoa Backroom. Entrance 10 euros with a free drink.

27-28th of November – 2nd Dance and Fitness Convention
Orcheston NDC had a very successful performance at the showcase of Dance and Fitness Convention on Saturday night, with the new version of their show “Are you ready for this?”.
“You rocked the stage guys!”
“We always enjoy your shows!”
… were some of that night’s comments.
On the following day, NDC’s instructors gave a Street Salsa session having a great attendance. The session held on Sunday morning where around 70 people of all levels experienced the interesting combination of Salsa with Street Dance and Afro-Cuban Rumba elements. click here>>>

NDC Greek night

 NDC’s students and faculty shared a memorable night out, dancing till late with live Greek music.(Photo Gallery)

NDC’s Welcome Party

 On the Saturday 16th of October, NDC’s Welcome Party took place at Stoa BackRoom. NDC’s students and teachers kept dancing till 4am, enjoying a variety of shows, meeting each other on the dance floor under the Latin, Greek, Oriental and Street beats in a great party atmosphere.
(photo gallery). Keep dancing cause next party is coming up!!!

Orcheston NDC performance at 10th Berlin Salsa Congress

Orcheston NDC had a very successful performance at this year’s Berlin Salsa Congress as it is evidenced by the comments of the audience:
“If everybody in Cyprus is dancing like you guys, we are definitely coming there!”
“We had so much fun during your show!”
“We enjoyed so much the way you get expressed on stage! Your energy and passion is something worth to be seen!”
…and the organizers:

“Dear Andreas !
I wanna say thank you from the bottom of my heart for being with us here at the Berlin Salsacongress 2010 ! You were part of an amazing event, the best salsa congress we ever had so far here in Berlin. I am happy that you came to the Berlin Salsacongress and it has been a pleasure to work with you. I appreciate your work you have done very much! I am happy to know that you will be back in 2011. Looking forward to work with you again and being your host here in one of the most vibrating cities in Europe.
Best regards
The NDC’s group had an amazing time in Berlin enjoying the workshops, parties, shows and of course the city itself! (photo gallery)

Orcheston are performing at 10th Berlin Salsa Congress.

1st - 3rd of October 2010
Orcheston are performing at 10th Berlin Salsa Congress. After receiving the 1st place in Stargade shows last year with a successful performance, we are invited to participate in this year’s congress.
‘‘Dear friends from Cyprus!
At the Berlin Salsa congress 2009 Orcheston DC had a great success and we are happy that they will be back in Berlin for the 10th anniversary of the Berlin Salsa congress 2010 presenting their newest show ! Please join and support them and come to one of the best and most international salsa congresses in Europe where you will meet all your international friends !

Greetings from Berlin,
Organizer of BSC’’

NDC’s Birthday Party

On the 11th of September 2010, the new dance center in town had its 1st birthday! Exactly one year after the opening ceremony, the NDC’s personnel celebrated till late with students and friends in an exciting night out.  One year of quality teaching, honest approach and professionalism.
(photo gallery)

Dance event at Ledras street

NDC dancers surprised the pedestrians of Ledras street when they suddenly started dancing. The aim of the event was to promote the healthy way of living and to declare that every day is a joy, anytime, anywhere! (photo gallery) 

Orcheston NDC show at Broadway Dance Center in New York City

Orcheston NDC had a very successful performance with their ''Trio Show'' during the Performance Project BDC in New York. Christiana, Naso and Andreas were amazed by the excitement of BDC's students and faculty. Acknowledgments to all our friends from BDC for their warm congrats and support! (photo gallery)

NDC performance ''Dance Love and Share''

‘Huge congrats to everyone! We enjoyed it so much!’.
‘Bravo! Congratulations and we wish you all the best for the future cause you deserve it!’.
‘The skills shown from your students was something to remember!’.
The annual performance of NDC took place on June 27th at Municipal Theatre of Latsia. The NDC students and teachers presented a magnificent dance show combined with small humorous acts. The 600 viewers enjoyed it a lot as it is evidenced by the warm applause and their comments after the show. (photo gallery)

NDC students participate in IDTA exams of May.
NDC students participate in IDTA exams of May.

The Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society and Marios Vasiliou present a music concert ...

The Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society and Marios Vasiliou present a music concert in order to support the charity effort of “Poria Christodoulas”, for people with cancer. The NDC was very willing to enhance this event by presenting a variety of dancing shows.
The performance will take place on Tuesday 11th of May at 8:30pm at Strovolos’ Municipality Theatre.

NDC supports the Freeze Event organised by Squeeze,

NDC supports the Freeze Event organised by Squeeze, at Ledras Street. Three minutes of stillness by 200 people at 12pm surprise the pedestrians sending a message. Our way of living nowadays is characterised by busy schedules and we hardly save some time to communicate with the people around us. Through this event we aim to show an alternative approach by slowing everything down to stillness for 3 minutes.

NDC teachers choreograph for the Dance Club of UCY annual show

21st and 22nd of April
NDC teachers choreograph for the Dance Club of UCY annual show The dance groups demonstrated what they have learned over this year. The show was called “The Dance Boat”, a fusion of dance and humorous theatrical acts, and took place on 21st and 22nd of April at the University of Cyprus. The smart and fresh ideas of Latin, Street Dance, Belly dance and Greek popular dance choreographies impressed the audience.

Easter day, the NDC dancers participate in “Pername kala”,
Easter day, the NDC dancers participate in “Pername kala”, a TV program by MEGA channel, dancing Greek popular dances.

ORCHESTON dance team from NDC performed its new salsa show named “Fairytale”

ORCHESTON dance team from NICOSIA DANCE CENTER performed its new salsa show named “Fairytale” at the 5th Cyprus Salsa Congress: a fantastic show with living marionettes, humorous aspects, fascinating routines, totally performed with passion. 

Naso Kazazi has successfully completed the IDTA’s Teacher’s Diploma in Street dance

We are pleased and proud to announce that our teacher Naso Kazazi is the first one in Cyprus who has successfully completed the IDTA’s Teacher’s Diploma in Street dance. Examined by Keith Holmes, the Chief Executive of IDTA. she succeeded to pass the professional exams with overall mark 98/100 “Highly Commented”.

NDC’s students attended successfully the IDTA dance exams
NDC’s students attended successfully the IDTA dance exams that took place in our studios. The examiner was Mr Keith Holmes from Great Britain, who is the Chief Executive of IDTA


23, 24 & 25th of February 2010
NDC choreographs for the Dance Club of University of Cyprus. Their performance named “Shockolata” is a fusion of funny acts and dance shows. Street Jazz, Chacha, Hip hop, Belly dance, Zeimpekiko, Rumba, Hasapiko, Sousta and Salsa were performed with a great success.

NDC’s Carnival Party!
NDC’s Carnival Party! An exciting night out with Latin, Belly and Greek dance! Dance demonstrations from NDC’s students and many more!!! @ STOA BackRoom.(new photos)

NDC participates in “Fonto Kokkino” by Sigma TV

NDC participates in “Fonto Kokkino” by Sigma TV. Two of our teachers are taking place in three episodes of the particular series.

NDC was invited to “Ειmaste Edw”

NDC was invited to “Ειmaste Edw”, a television program at CyBC. Our teachers performed in a variety of dance shows (hiphop, latin, greek dance and belly dance) and talked about our center’s goals and activities. (video gallery)

FREE CLASSES for 1 week

11th-16th of January
FREE CLASSES for 1 week offers you the opportunity to experience the passion we share for teaching and dancing and to meet our training programs in NEW GROUPS for beginners in every dance style!
This offer starts on Monday, 11th of January and keeps going till the end of the week. New students need to pay just the 7 euro registration fee in order to be able to attend any class they wish. Students that are already members of NDC do not have to pay for registration. Check out our schedule to find out the days and hours of NEW GROUPS.
On Monday 18th of January these NEW GROUPS will normally continue and students will pay only half monthly fees for January.
It will be our great pleasure to welcome you in our dance center!